What is infrared therapy?

Infrared therapy is used to stimulate the metabolism (or cell activities) within a cell. When soft tissue (tendons, muscle, ligaments) are injured, the cells within them have a drastically slower metabolism. As a result, the repair process takes time. Stimulation received from infrared therapy has been reported by studies to accelerate healing time by 30%.

Infrared Therapy vs. Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound is another method used in physiotherapy as the passive modality (action performed on the patient rather than an action the patient performs) component of a treatment. Ultrasound, like infrared therapy, increases blood flow to the area by causing deep localized vibrations, warming up the cells which will cause vasodilation of blood vessels, bringing more oxygen to cells.

However, infrared therapy goes one step further, additionally addressing the cells and causing metabolic functions to perform at a faster rate. See infrared therapy FAQ for more specifics.

Why did we build an infrared therapy wearable?

This idea began when Alexa broke her foot and was searching up different physiotherapy treatments. She found infrared therapy to be one of the most effective treatments available and is most effective when used daily for an injury. However the fast pace lifestyle of today’s society is the big hindrance for people to complete any physiotherapy treatment. Studies have reported that 70% of people who begin physiotherapy treatment will not complete their treatment. Also many people will not stay away from strenuous activity during their recovery.

This lead to the idea of an infrared therapy wearable that is convenient.

When will Helios be available for purchase?

We are working hard to get Helios in your hands! Sign up for our emails and we will keep you informed about the progress 🙂

How long are treatments?

Currently, we anticipate treatments to take anywhere between 8 – 15 minutes based on our current prototype’s specifications as well as the wide range of injuries. As we continue lab tests, we will update treatment times.

Who can use our device?

Our device is intended to be used by anyone with a soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) injury or chronic pain. Currently Helios is designed to be used on arms and legs because it can easily wrap around them. However, it can be used anywhere on the body as long as the LED array is in direct contact with skin. You will just have to find a creative way to strap it on or be prepared to stay in a position for the duration of treatment.