Our Story

Many athletes, amateur and professional, have lingering effects from previous injuries. This includes the team of engineers and scientists at Penta Medical who are set out on a mission to speed up recovery while providing quality care. We realize that life can get in the way of caring for our bodies so we want to provide a convenient way to treat injuries and help with pain management.

Helios is our first step in providing at home care that is convenient to use and effective. The core of the product is to deliver infrared therapy, a widely adopted method used at physiotherapy clinics, to areas of injury or pain. We have searched far and wide for a wearable and wireless device like ours but came up empty handed.

Our team is based in Waterloo, Ontario and we are supported by local accelerators and incubators that have helped us bring Helios to you. We want to drive health technology forward so that people can have access to therapy at the tips of their fingers. We are Penta Medical and we are shaping the future of the sports physio and health medicine industries, one wearable at a time.

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Alexa Roeper
Daniel Choi

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