Technology Wearable

Concept Summary: Wearable Therapy

At Penta Medical, we are pushing the boundaries of healthcare wearable technology from sensing and tracking to active healing of soft tissue injuries. Helios is the first truly wireless infrared therapy wearable that allows users to take the full advantage of infrared therapy without the inconvenience of daily physiotherapy appointments.

Helios needs to be paired with a mobile app in order to intelligently select and administer customized treatments. The mobile app also helps the user keep on track with their treatments through reminders and provides additional insight from professional physiotherapists on how to improve the quality of the recovery.

Problem: Injury Expenditure Is On The Rise

  • $671 billion lost due to injuries in North America alone, in medical and lost work costs
    • A single soft tissue injury can cost an employer up to $60,000¬†
  • 70% do not complete their treatments due to the high cost and inconvenience of traditional infrared therapy sessions.
  • For sprains, the average person is at least two times more likely to have a reoccurring injury if left to heal unattended.
  • $5,000 per year on pharmaceuticals, per severe injury or musculoskeletal condition. Injuries are either left to heal on their own, or treated with painkillers. There are no accessible methods to improve the healing process.



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